About us

We are a team of Car & Design enthusiasts who want to transmit our passion throughout all our projects. The future and the possibilities given by new technology are our passion, but we are also proudly connected to the past and the automotive heritage. We want to share our vision with all our customers and give them the chance to express themselves through the production of their dream car. Maggiore operates in the field of the creation of unique or limited series cars, carried out using traditional craftsmanship in order to allow for the greatest scope for personalisation and that allure that industrial products can no longer transmit.
Our flagship project is the Restomod version of an iconic vehicle from the past, a perfect testament to how it is possible to combine technology and design without forgetting the automotive heritage of each brand.
The perfect combination of craftsmanship, sartorial flair, technology and design allows us to offer our clients a unique product.


To reawaken lost and unique emotions in a world that is increasingly standardized


We create unique pieces of art combining Technology, Design and Heritage.
The extraordinary mix of past, present and future will make your heart beat fast and the customization program will titillate all your senses


Attention to detail, craftsmanship, innovation, technology, design, memory


Maggiore supports the whole development process of a dream, from the sketches of the first designs to its final creation. The process that brings about one of these unique pieces is highly articulated. After an initial stage of research and study into the various styles of different brands, to research into the distinguishing features of each model, we then proceed to the actual Design stage which begins with a number of initial sketches, to the creation of 3D models and the visualization of the final product through the use of virtual reality. The final step is the engineering phase in which all the components are built and put together. The network of consultants and suppliers involved in Maggiore’s projects are one of our strong points – avant-garde technical solutions and quality materials underline this synergetic performance on all project levels. Maggiore makes use of consultations from designers of note to give the unique touch to our creations and to offer clients exclusive solutions that are personalized and strong in individuality.


Focus on Design and attention to detail are fundamental for Maggiore. This is why we decided to involve the Studio Stefan Scholten, a Design studio based in Amsterdam with many Italian influences, in this project. It was precisely the union of modern Northern European design commingling with Italian culture and Mediterranean styles that inspired us to choose this studio as partner for research into colours and materials, in order to guarantee the unique touch to this project that would distinguish it further from any other creation.

Studio Stefan Scholten

Creative Director Stefan Scholten (1972) is a Dutch designer who graduated in 1995 at the famous Design Academy of Eindhoven. Specialised in industrial design, Stefan Scholten has 25 years’ experience in a number of fields such as materials, fashion, product design, new fashions, interior design and pop-up initiatives. He has recently turned his work to the automotive sector, developing new Design concepts for the MINI/BMW group. The studio has its head office in a restored pumping station in the famous museum district of central Amsterdam.