Project M
Building a dream


Craftsmanship, skill, experience and attention to detail. The creative process of each single model is long and paved with potential difficulties. The restoration process is rife with uncertainties and the creation of completely new components that have to be matched with projects that date 30 or 40 years back require first and foremost highly skilled professionals who are experts in processes and technology and materials.
Each car is completely stripped of all its components in order to restore the original bodywork and make it more resistant to corrosion through sanding and paintwork, and to mechanical stress through targeted strengthening.

Creation of new components

The 308M has been completely revisited in all its components. The chassis, the engine block and the doors remained unchanged, which means that every other element has been revisited or completely renewed. To ensure improved performance and maximum driving pleasure, extra weight has been removed wherever possible. The carbon fiber chassis and billet aluminium components have helped us achieve this goal. The knowledgeable hands of our experts have created prototypes and appropriate operations to create each single part of the car, from the bumpers to the air vents, from the specific wheel rims to the air conditioning levers.


Even the interior has been completely redesigned, even if to the untrained eye it may look like the original model. Yet the philosophy behind it is always the same: to provide an experience of luxury and modernity with a vintage mood. The interior has been revisited, with new leather and fabrics for the seats and the cockpit, created by expert saddlers, with components in carbon fiber and aluminium for the armrests, air vents and all the internal trimmings. To pay homage to our homeland, expert craftsmen have handcrafted the gear knobs in local marble.


The restoration and renovation project has also included the mechanical parts, including all components that have been reviewed and renovated. The main parts of the engine, the brakes and the suspension have been completely revisited. The research process has included all areas, from studying the effect of friction to the internal fluid dynamics of the engine to the choice of the best geometry for the new racing suspensions.


The talent and skilled hands of the Italtecnica technicians have supported us during the development and creative stages for all the mechanical components. Italtecnica has been leader in the field of sports competitions for almost 30 years, which has allowed us to completely entrust them with old components created years ago.